Help stop the suffering of German pigs!

Since 1988 german pigs have been suffering despite court decisions that should have improved their lives. Learn, how the current minister for agriculture, Mrs. Julia Klöckner, is planning to make it even worse…

Millions of pigs suffer each year...

Farrowing crates in Germany

The German government has launched a change to laws regarding the use of farrowing crates in pigfarms in Germany. There has been a court decision in the past that deemed the current use of these crates as illegal. Sadly the government then granted a transition time for this decision to be followed. This was way back in 1988.

The transition time did end in 1992 but through work of certain lobbyists, nothing changed to this very day. Permits for the use of these crates are still granted by the authorities.

In 2016 the supreme administrative court of Germany again decided that the common practise is illegal and needs to be changed.

Transition period of 43 years

Instead of following this decision, the German government – under the lead of the Christian Democratic Union (CDU) – has now started the process of changing the law that provided the actual reason for the positive court decision in the first place.

Basically they are now reducing the standards of animal welfare just for pigs.
Furthermore they are going to add another transition period of 15 years for positive changes of the new law to get implemented. Actual change for the pigs therefore is postponed until the year 2035.

This is aimed to keep the status quo and the farmer lobbyists happy (change is expensive after all).

The bill has already passed the German Bundestag and is now in debate at the German Bundesat. Both institutions can be compared in function to the US-Congress and US-Senate. The final decision is due on March 13th 2020.

How you can help

Some animal rights groups and animal welfare organisations have started a petition to stop this change and finally improve the life of pigs who suffer tremendously while confined in these crates. At the moment this petition is signed online by more than 160.000 people.

We want to support this petition and the work of these organisations by spreading the word throughout the worldwide piglover and animal lover community.

Please take the time to sign this petition and don’t mind that the petition is actually written in German. You can sign on the right side by entering your name and credentials.

The pigs can’t sign and get no vote…we have to do it for them.
Thank you all for your help.
Silke Arnold – First Chairwoman of Schweinefreunde e.V.

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With this international website we want to provide a tool to raise awareness for the plight that pigs face every day.

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